Ohio Sheep Milk and Cheese Initiative Symposium

Abbe Turner opens the conference
Lucky Penny Cheesemaker Abbe Turner welcomes guests and opens the Symposium

The Ohio Sheep Milk and Cheese Initiative held its first Symposium on Nov. 6, 2010. Over 80 people from all over Ohio gathered together to listen to speakers, ask questions and learn more about successful sheep farming and cheese making.  More Photos


Keynote Speaker – Researcher Yves Berger from University of Wisconsin’s Spooner Agriculture Research Station – Dairy Sheep Genetics, Milk Production and Nutrition.

Farmer and cheesemaker Pat Elliott from Everona Dairy in Rapidan, VA
Pat Elliot Marketing Presentation
Pat Elliott – Ohio Sheep Milk and Cheese Initiative Symposium November 6 2010

Afternoon breakout sessions included:
Enterprise budgets and financing options, market potential
Ohio cheese makers, grazing practices and nutritional requirements.

The initiative has been funded by the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (NC SARE) farmer grant.  The project is exploring the opportunity to develop production of sheep milk and artisan sheep cheese in Ohio.

The event was sponsored by ATI, Innovative Farmers of Ohio, NC SARE, OSU Extension, and Small Farm Institute.

The goal of the Ohio Sheep Milk and Cheese Initiative is to determine the interest and economic feasibility of raising dairy sheep in Ohio, as well as explore the opportunity of value added processing of sheep milk into artisan cheeses.

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