The goal of the Ohio Sheep Milk and Cheese Initiative is to determine the interest and economic feasibility of raising dairy sheep in Ohio, as well as explore the opportunity of value added processing of sheep milk into artisan cheeses.

  • The sale of sheep milk cheeses has doubled in the domestic market since 2000 due to direct marketing initiatives by innovative farmers and small dairies.
  • 150 successful sheep dairy farms in the US
  • 66 million pounds of sheep milk cheese is imported every year: Feta, Manchego, Romano, Roquefort
  • Freezing and storage of sheep milk does not hurt cheese production
  • Flexibility of shipping and storing of sheep milk helps cash flow management and production flexibility

To learn more about the Ohio Sheep Milk and Cheese Initiative attend OSMCI Field Day Symposium on November 6, 2010. Attend speeches and breakout sessions on sheep diary genetics, milk production and cheesemaking. Location to be determined. Schedule of events to be determined.

For more information, visit our booth at:

Ohio Sheep Day
July 10, 2010
Riverwood Farms, Powell, OH

Family Farm Field Day
July 17, 2010
Mt. Hope, OH

Click here to take our survey on sheep milk and sheep milk cheese in Ohio


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